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22 August 2030 @ 07:11 pm

my mom past away last friday
she's been sick for almost 10 years and stay in bed for almost 7 years...stroke ><

i didnt see her last time...T_T
my sis is with her and she wake me up when she already gone..
very sad but the fact that she doesn't have to suffer anymore makes me relief.

i miss you mom..i'm so sorry you cant have your wish to see me in a wedding dress
i'll always pray for you and continue my life..i love you mom...so much ...

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03 August 2025 @ 07:07 am
i'm still alive...
but i really really REALLY lazy to write now..

still very much Arashi fan XD
and already decided to stay in their fandom only XD

miss you all flist XD
24 September 2024 @ 12:24 pm

yeah a sticky post *thanks to Dodo and Yuckie* that i finally can be able to make one..lol

just a brief introduction about me, for someone who maybe drop by oneday ^^

luckypurple was a nickname given by my friend, she always think i'm lucky and loves purple
yeah just simple as that XD you can call me V if you want too XDXD
i'm having this journal since April 2005, my 1st post made on april 9 (Pipi's bday <33)
and i'm a fangirl, so you're going to see 99% fangirling on my post
if you're curious of who i fangirling..well i love Arashi, NEWS,Hey!Say!JUMP,Yayayah and enjoy almost all groups in JE
i might be not young at age but i try to always young at heart *including liking young hot guys..lmao*

i'm Indonesian who's currently working in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 
so yeah yoroshiku minna ^^


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20 April 2024 @ 07:22 am
- Leave a comment and I'll give you a name.
- Post the answers (along with these questions) on your blog.
- Tag other people and repeat.
</a>nichiya</span> gave me Aiba Masaki♥ *how awesome is that lol*

1. Do you like this person?
absolutely ♥ 5 years and counting XD he was the one i recognize as Sho Sakurai *lmao* i fell in love when i see him eating, weird? i know! when i find out more about him. he's not perfect but in my little world he is ♥♥

2. What do you call this person?
Aiba-chan,Cinta (love/dear) and lately bb (baby) blame PPIA for that XD

3. Which color do you associate with this person?
green? his color in Arashi but i deff love love love see him in white, red and black

5. Looking at his/her character, what blood type do you think he/she have?
AB, i dont really understand about bloof type lol

6. What do you want to tell this person?
Aiba-chan..cinta, please continue to be better in anything you like and have more and more success with Arashi. please find a decent girl and be happy XD and please continue shining my world with that smile and your big heart. daisuki daaaaaaaaa ♥♥♥♥♥♥

7. What do you want to do with this person: hug, kiss or shake hand?
All? LOL but if i have to choose one then HUG pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee

ps : please don't ask where the Q4 is haha! i didn't make this meme lol!

Di, i've done it XD

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29 March 2022 @ 01:33 pm

actually Maki Goto should be on that list lol but since she already leave H!P..

1. Eri Kamei (Morning Musume), i just simply love this girl XD to me she's a female version of Aiba-chan lol
2. Rika Ishakawa (ex Momusu, Angry and Hangry), charmy girl XD
3. Mitsui Aika (Morning Musume), i want to see her grup up and lead Momusu one day! not Koharu ><
4. Miyabi Natsuyaki (Berryz), i love her style and beautiful voice, my future daughter in law LOL
5. Nakazawa Yuko (ex Momusu, Ex H!P Leader), i respect her so much! please marry papa marsa lol
6. Fujimoto Miki (ex Momusu), to me she's the most beautiful girl in H!P and i also think that her voice is the best in H!P ever XD
7. Niigaki Riisa (Morning Musume), genki girl who also can be a great leader..a female version of Sho lol
8. Kumai Yurina (Berryz), she reminds me of Taiyou <333
9. Umeda Erika (C-ute), i think H!p should give her more highlight coz her voice isnt bad and she's very pretty and tall
10. Airi Suzuki (C-ute), she's actually not on my list but after Buono i start to like her more, her voice is awesome.


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29 December 2008 @ 06:18 pm
yes...i'm back to Indonesia...for good ^^

i miss all my beloved friends in Malaysia already...miss u tons girls!

J, i'll email you later about the reason why i'm here...i'm so sorry i didnt tell you abt this...but trust me i have my reason. miss you J, hope to see you in Jakarta.

i dont have any internet connection, so i'll be not posting an entry as much as i used too...

thats all ^^

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29 November 2008 @ 07:34 am
taken all from Salwa's lj

29th NOVEMBER 2008
RM30 (inclusive of movie ticket and F&B)

We will also be celebrating OHNO SATOSHI's birthday! yay! You don't have to be a fan to join in the fun* ^^

For more information/booking/confirmation of attendance ^^ kindly contact the person in charge through

Phone : +6012 3992505
Email  : sitisalwa.ali@gmail.com
Livejournal : salwaphoenix
Vox : salwa
Latest update on 10/11/2008:

1. We will have a movie screening at 1.30pm. For Muslims, you can either pray first, or after the screening itself.
2. There will be a session after the screening where fans can talk to each other and enjoy the F&B that has been prepared. We will also celebrate Ohno's birthday there.
3. A deposit of RM10 can be made to secure your place.
4. There will be merchandices ie: T-shirts sold on that day. TBC later.

A call for volunteers ^^ If you would like to help in organising the event, kindly email me your details! I would welcome help in these areas:

- Registration
- Booking/Database of attandees
- Cake ^^
- Merchandices

if you're intrested please contact Salwa directly, thanks ^^

UPDATE 12/Nov /2008 FROM Salwa

Here's the account number for you who want to pay the deposit:

account numberCollapse )

1. SMS Salwa once you have deposited the money. Give your full name and email address.
2. Your name will immediately be put into the waiting list of people who have made a deposit payment. You will be entitled to pick your seat starting 24 Nov. Salwa will email the name on the waiting list one by one, so who pays first, gets to choose first.

Other updates:
1. The caterer for our F&B can also provides Japanese cuicine ^^ if anyone is interested, please PM Salwa your preference of menu. However the charges will be slightly different from the rest.

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15 November 2008 @ 10:18 am
Let's! Say! JOHNNY'S

22 November 2008
Kinokuniya Plaza Senayan

  • Games with bunch of prizes
  • JE Karaoke Contest
  • Discount ( ALL JE RELATED)
  • Door Prize ( Hey Say JUMP singles
  • Uchiwa festifal ( dont forget to bring yours)
any question please email phandha_chan[at]hotmail.com
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11 November 2008 @ 09:22 am
nichiya 's dad past away this morning 6am :(
as a best friend i feel so bad cant be there for her...hang in there my dear Dianne *huggles*
please take care of ur self and ur family...hugs ur mom for me!! :(

yamanino thanks for the sms..

my emotions not so good these past weeks...T____T

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28 October 2008 @ 12:11 pm
i still cant believe that sylviaunited is gone........
i know we never met but she always been super nice to me in our almost daily chat few months ago and even after i rarely come onli she still always super nice whenever we chat at YM.

she's one of the nicest NEWS fan i know...and she also bring back my old memories as Manchester United fan and i find my self updated whenever i read her lj. we made a promise to eat ABUBA steak when i come back home..but its too late now T________T i always thought she will recover but like Di said God loves her more.

May you rest in peace my dear friend, even we havent met and fulfill our promises i'll never regret knowing you. you'll always be in my memories. miss you already, Syl <3333333

this is like one of the most sadness day since i've been here in Malaysia...i wanna go home T_____________T

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